Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Watch Event Horizon and Try to Write a Blog

So, I’m sober…well, I was high earlier but that was a long time ago, chilling in the apartment hungry (but I have no money), watching Event Horizon and checking Pajiba like every two fucking seconds because I have nothing better to do.

“This place is a tomb…” That’s where I am currently at in the movie, they just entered the ship.

Anyway, I’m kind of having a great week on Pajiba. I got my review of Mayhem Festival put up on the site and then today I saw that I got number four on the EE. Not bad huh? Is it sad that Pajiba is kind of the highlight of my day. I can’t wait to get off work and check out what’s going on. I like the community. When DR posted the survey of Pajiba I realized that the majority of the people there are just like me, well, except the ‘majority’ is technically female. I’m glad my buddy Michael tuned me into the site. I’ll have to thank him again.

I had a date with a Amy, a girl I knew in high school on Tuesday. We went hiking in the rain. It was nice…peaceful. I guess we would be dating but with her schedule and the fact that she is moving into a house…I don’t know how much “dating” we will actually be able to do. It’s ok, we’re not together so the option for either of us to date other people is still out there. Which is good, because I feel like my game is coming back. Why? I have no idea, but I’ve noticed my flirting has kicked up a notch, and the female population is starting to look appealing to me. Its been awhile.

I was doing something the other day and got the wild hair up my ass to look up Gillian Anderson. Man, I think that woman is getting better looking with age. I remember the giant crush I had on her on “The X-Files.” In fact, if I was to be technical I would say she was probably my first “celebrity crush.” The crush even went so far as for me to rent a little movie of hers called The Turning that came out in 1992. Why would I rent said movie? Because she had a nude scene in it, that’s why. What did I learn? That the movie was a piece of crap, and for being as pretty as she is she has some horrible looking breasts.

*barely audible* “For god sakes help me”
“Its in your head, its all in your head…….God help us.”

I’m watching the movie and I keep looking at Laurence Fishburne…well…I’m looking at the gap in Fishburne’s teeth. Its reminding me of the gap in Anna Paquin’s mouth. I would say she should get that fixed, but for some reason I have several friends who find that an attractive quality of hers.

“You’ll never be alone again. You’re with me now, you’re with me. I have such wonderful, wonderful things…to show you.”

If you know the movie you can tell my gaps from me searching the internet. I.e. checking Facebook and Pajiba.

I know I started writing this blog for a specific purpose but I can’t for the life of me remember what the fuck it was. This movie is sucking my brain, you would think I would be able to function considering I’ve seen it like a million times. Guess it’s just that damn good. It still is (and probably always will be) one of my favorite horror films, in fact, I usually rate it right at the top.
Ok, the movie is almost over…I’ll write more later.

"Do you see? Do you see? Do you see?"
"Yes, I see."

Awwwww shit. I forgot this movie ended to "Prodigy"s Smack my bitch up.

I think I'm going to watch Dark City.

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