Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wait, Am I Going To Be A Fuck Buddy?

Christ my roomie needs to find a fucking job. It’s getting really old that his girlfriend is over here all the time. I don’t know if its because I haven’t even had a girl over here, because if she lived here it would be different, or because the more I’m around her the less I like her. I think it’s the latter. Ever since that incident with the “smell” I hate being around her. In fact, there isn’t a single aspect of her that I like. Wait…nope…not one.

Went out to Sidelines last night, typical Monday ritual, got pretty drunk, met an interesting lesbian, went swimming and got kicked out by the cops, stayed up till 7am. Was a strange night.

So things have changed with the “lady,” again, maybe. She was drinking last night and texting me. It sounded like she wanted me to come over. So today I asked her if she just wanted me to be her late night drunk booty call. She replied back “Lol if you wanna be…ha ha.” To which I said that would not be a problem with me. This will be a first in my life. I’ve never been a booty call/fuck buddy. Strangely I’m comfortable with that. I get to keep my money, I don’t really have to worry about offending her or whether or not her parents would like me, all I have to do is have sex with her. Who doesn’t like sex? I mean really. When you get a girl who is sexually open minded. Can have marathon sex. Likes pain. Talks dirty, and finds out your fantasies and re-enacts them for you. How the hell can you lose? Holy shit this girl is a catch. Note the picture...did I mention she likes pain?

I’m having a very lazy day off today. I’ve spent the whole day in bed. In fact I’ve only gotten out of bed to get something to drink and eat…and bathroom breaks. I’m having a movie marathon. Today. First it was The Uninvited, then Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, now it’s The 13th Warrior (I‘m watching the swimming scene right now, have you ever tried to hold your breath for a whole scene in a movie where the actors are supposed to be holding their breath?). I think I will end the evening with some episodes of “True Blood” followed by Event Horizon. Nothing like watching a scary ass horror movie right before bed, gives me good nightmares and therefore plenty of inspiration. I am going to have to leave at some point though, I need to go to the grocery store to get something for dinner.

I’m looking forward to Mayhem Festival on Friday. Couldn’t pay for the ticket so Tim paid the $150 bucks for me. For VIP. We might get a chance for backstage passes too, that would kick ass. The bands:
Marilyn Manson
Killswitch Engage
Bullet For My Valentine
Canibal Corpse
The Black Dahlia Murder
Job For A Cowboy
God Forbid
All That Remains
What’s that spell? Badass!! Last year was fantastic with Slipknot, Disturbed, Machine Head, Walls of Jericho and Five Finger Death Punch. A whole day of nothing but goddamn glorious hatred spread through the wonderful sound of metal. I just may shit kittens.

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