Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Is My Life Fucked Up?

So I’m sure Mayhem Fest was fantastic, I can’t really tell you, I was too pissed off to enjoy it. Let me tell you the why to being pissed off, and then I’ll tell you about the show. So…the why.

First of all let me pretty much guarantee you this is the last time I will talk about “the lady,” and you’ll find out why. So Wednesday I went over for another booty call, it wasn’t supposed to be a booty call, it just kind of turned into one. When it was time for bed she sent me home with my stuff that happened to be over there. I assumed this meant it was going to be the last time and she pretty much confirmed that it was the next day texting her at work. Well that night I get a little drunk and we start texting again.

I ask her if she wants to come out to the bar with me where I was going to meet some of my friends, and that she could stay the night with me. This was going to kill several birds with one stone. One, I would finally get to take her out. Two, in the year I’ve lived in this apartment I have yet to have a female over that I was involved with. Three, that meant I was going to get to pop the cherry in my apt. Well, surprise to me she agreed.

So I drive the twenty five minutes to go pick her up, we get to the bar, she’s already kind of drunk (go figure right? She only wanted me to come over when she was drinking) and we cozy up and start drinking. Her, a fishbowl of Fuck Me Blue, me, all you can drink Bud Light. I noticed she was very flirty, she kept talking to this guy next to us but she was staying close to me and making out with me every few minutes. Well, friends show up, I get to talking, and when a seat opens I ask her if she wants it, she says no, so I sit down. Within seconds she is basically flirting with every guy that is around her. This doesn’t bother me, I’m not a jealous person nor am I controlling (I’ve had girlfriends wean me off of both of those) so it didn’t bother me.

One of my x’s, Brennan, who happened to be there, used to go out to bars while I was at work. I would get off work and meet her at the bar to find her flirting with some guy. She would be giving him a little attention and he would buy her drinks all night. Worked for me because when the place was closing down she would walk right over to me, kiss me, and ask me if I was ready to go. No bar tab for me. Well, my friend Daria sits down next to me and then next to her this guy sits down who looks like Keifer Sutherland off of Lost Boys,…only gay…well “the lady” is flirting with him. I don’t really pay attention until I look over and see her making out with him.

Now I didn’t do anything. We’re not together. We’re not a couple. She could do whatever she wants. I let her continue while I keep drinking. When I’m ready to go I walk up to her and say, “-insert name- I’m leaving, you ready to go?” she gives me the gesture of hold on a sec. I ask her three more times to the same response. On the last time I say goodnight and leave. Granted, that’s dick, but I really didn’t care.

I get home and my friend Daria calls me to tell me she left pretty soon after I did with the guy she was hanging on. I call her at 2:33am with a conversation that lasts 6:16:
Her: Hey, where’d you go?
Me: Home.
Her: Are you going to come get me?
Me: Where are you?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: If you don’t know where you are then how am I supposed to come get you?
Her: *laughs*
-insert somebody playing guitar behind her…badly-
Me: You fuck that guy yet?
Her: Not yet…I gotta go, let me call you back.
A few texts messages later I go to sleep after getting nowhere of where she was at. Which included the city…and the road. I get another at 4:22am asking me to come get her.

Now I know leaving her was dick. Hell, maybe like she said I should have pulled her away. In my defense, why should I have to? She said that if I was a gentleman that I would have at least come back and checked to see if she was alright and not leave her with a stranger. I told her that my gentleman went out the door when she started making out with a guy right next to me. She tells me she wanted me and that she was just drunk. I say obviously she didn’t want me if she was with another guy three feet from me…and not to blame alcohol.

I don’t care how fucking drunk you are you know what you’re doing unless your unconscious, you might not remember it the next day, but at the time you knew exactly what you were doing.

When I asked her if she fucked him her response was: “What do you think? You left me at the bar fucking drunk…” That’s a reason to fuck someone? Ever heard of a taxi? Or I don’t know, calling me? I hope it was good.

So what do you think? If anyone reads this? Was I a dick or did I act accordingly?

I liked her…I really did.

Mayhem Fest.

We got there late because David had to go get his brother and he hit traffic on the way back so instead of leaving at 3:00 we end up leaving around 4:00. All That Remains was supposed to be playing at 4:30. Needless to say after trying to get through Atlanta near rush hour we hit traffic and didn’t end up getting there until much later.

The first band I watched when I got there was Behemoth who were pretty badass, then Trivium. Wasn’t a big fan of Trivium.

A little later I watched about three songs of Cannibal Corpse, I say three because I wasn’t in the mood for death metal and one of the songs included “Cumming Blood.”

Saw Bullet For My Valentine…not too bad, much better then DragonForce the year before.

Next was Killswitch Engage who rocked the fuck out. They had a lot of energy and were rather funny. One of the guitarists even talked about how he wanted his thumb to have the smell of every eighteen year old vagina in the crowd by the end of the night. They closed with “Holy Diver.“

Next came put me to fucking sleep Slayer. All the songs sounded the same, the guitar solos went on forever, the singer sucks, the stage show was pretty good…the band sucked.

Last was Manson who didn’t put on as good of a show as I thought he would (NIN, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Slipknot put on fantastic shows). He was funny though. He had people running around the stage picking shit up as he tossed it. Which included the mic stand every time a song started. He even kissed Evan Rachel Wood on stage if that’s who he is still with. Played some good songs, some not so good, closed with “Beautiful People.”

All in all, last year was better. Then again, it could have been that I was pissed.

It was looking to be fantastic...great sex, half day at work, metal music all night. FML.

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