Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Kings" A Really Crappy Review

I’m bored…and felt like writing…something.

So I just watched the next to last episode of “Kings.” I don’t watch the show when it comes on TV, mainly because I don’t have cable, but HULU has fast become my friend. It’s a shame that a show like this is going to go off the air due to poor ratings, yet “Dollhouse” got picked up for a second season.

“Kings” is a modern telling of the biblical story of David vs. Goliath or that of the rise of King David. In fact you see this modern re-telling of David slaying Goliath in the very first episode, albeit instead of a giant man it’s a fucking tank. It seems to take place in an almost futuristic style judging by the look of some of the buildings and the technology used. Which makes this re-telling even better. King Silas leads, ya know, for the life of me I can’t recall and my internet is acting slow but their fucking symbol is a butterfly, against Gath. Other then the “future” part just imagine back in the day with Kings and Queens and knights and battles and conflict over territories and peasant uprisings and, well, you get the idea.

While the show may follow religious overtones, like that of “god” choosing who should be king or showing who is guarded over by god (in the case of one episode a crown of butterflies lands on David’s head), it doesn’t play too heartily on them. Even I, being completely non-Christian can watch the show and enjoy it.

The reason why I say this show shouldn’t be going off the air, and it is a shame it is, is for the fact that it’s just an awesome fucking program. It has everything, romance, action, drama, war, drug use, intrigue, suspense, I can keep popping off descriptive words if you’d like. The acting (for the most part) is fantastic. A few of the highlights would be:

Ian McShane (who most recently did voice work for Kun Fu Panda & Coraline) who plays King Silas Benjamin and does so with charm, he can make you hate him in one scene and adore him in the next.

Dylan Baker (Revolutionary Road, Happiness) as William Cross, basically the evil corporate conglomerate behind everything that is going on. He is the devil that whispers in everyone’s ear. In one episode, just to prove a point, he turns the power off in the entire city.

Allison Miller (who hasn’t really done much except random TV appearances) as Princess Michelle Benjamin, I don’t really know if she can act to be honest, she’s just really easy on the eyes, kind of like Bridget Regan in “Legend of the Seeker.”

Sebastian Stan (The Covenant, “Gossip Girl”) as Prince Jack Benjamin, who plays a gay aristocrat to a fucking T. He’s like an asshole Paris Hilton, and its awesome.

I can’t really get into Susanna Thompson (The Ballad of Jack and Rose, oooooo she played the Borg Queen on “Star Trek: Voyager”) Eamoon Walker (“Oz,” Cadillac Records), or Christopher Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction, Eragon), for these reasons. Thompson, who plays Queen Rose Benjamin, seems flat. She only has one personality, seemingly one side to her, and for that reason she is boring as shit every time she is on screen. The same goes for Walker, Reverend Ephram Samuels, who quite possibly is one of the most “powerful” characters in the show and yet shows no such power. Egan plays David and he does so with so much Boy Scout charm that it drives you insane. His acting is decent, but the character kind of lacks depth and personality, although he seems to be getting some in the later episodes.

Two others you can toss in there for supporting are Macaulay Culkin as Andrew Cross , Brian Cox as the king whose throne Silas took, King Vesper Abaddon (I don’t think I have to give their credits, you should know who they are), and Mark Margolis (“Oz,” The Fountain) as Premier Shaw.

I don’t know what else to say. Get your ass on HULU and check out the whole season? I guess that’s good enough.

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