Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This and That

So I was originally intending this blog to be another pissed off rant, this one being about my roomie, well, the roomie and his girlfriend. So I’m going to start with that and end with the good.

So my roomie currently doesn’t have a job (and makes more on un-employment then I do working) and neither does his girlfriend. So I wake up to go to work with her being there (let me tell you, there is nothing like hearing the sex that you aren’t having when you wake up for work), and come home from work to her there. Not that bad, except that she’s married, they take up the living room, and you walk around to the sounds of sucking face. I don’t mind the married, I dated a married woman (separated), she’s still married. So anyway, the main rant comes from the other day. I came in from work and they were standing in the kitchen I plopped down on the couch and opened my laptop and he came in there and was like, “We were about to watch an episode of True Blood.” I looked at him and said, “That’s cool.” So they sit down and cuddle a little and in a few minutes she says, “You really smell, you should take a shower.” I didn’t even look up, I merely replied, “I have no one to impress.” A few seconds later the roomie looks at me and says, “She’s right dude, you really stink.” To which I replied, “I work in a fucking kitchen, what do you expect?” She replied, “You could take a shower.” I almost yelled at them, “Well at least I have a fucking job, how about either of you? Do either of you work? No? Then shut the fuck up.” I wanted to, but I didn’t do it. When I come home and find his dirty dishes in the kitchen I just let them sit there, I honestly don’t give a fuck. If he leaves trash on the counter, I leave it there. I don’t really cook, I cook for a living so the last thing I want to do when I come home is cook. I’ve even come home and if I see he left food out and he’s asleep I’ll bag it up and put it in the fridge. Well, I come home from work the other day (and naturally because he’s home and not working he’s trying to keep everything spotless) to find my empty rammen bowl and package wrappers on my bed. I think it pissed me off the most because he actually had to go out of his way to put it in my room. The wrappers were in the kitchen next to the trash can and the bowl was in the living room in which case he would have passed the kitchen to get to my room. What the fuck is up with that? On to the good.

I met a girl. Well, I didn’t really meet her we used to go to high school together and I haven’t seen her since. But she found me on face book and we hooked up Sunday night. She’s my type…by that I mean tiny. She’s a vegan, a runner, a hippie, does yoga, she’s divorced. I haven’t been with anyone in a year and she said she’s working on five. It was fantastic. We went for a walk in the rain. Messed around to the point that I didn’t even get any sleep before I had to go to work. She has also only been with one person. I would do little things that are common to me but she had never done before. It was interesting for the simple fact that all of the girls I’ve been with have been, well, experienced. I’ve never been with anyone where I was the more experienced partner. I like her, I guess we are dating now but I can’t really get a vibe from her if that’s what she wants. She kind of hinted at it on Sunday night but she was also drunk. She was a little stand offish the next day but she was also incredibly hung over. She’s weird, but I like that. It feels a little odd for me though to go from a year of singledom to suddenly being in a relationship (if that’s even the case), I don’t know if that’s really what I want, but I’m not against sticking it through and seeing if its right. I know I’m the happiest I’ve been in a year though. I’m actually listening to the Garden State soundtrack today and I never listen to that unless I’m happy, for the most part its been all metal in my music life. Ohh yeah, did I mention she’s a fifth grade teacher? Awesome! I like being in relationships. I like having someone to hold. I like having someone to share life with me. If this works out it will be the only good thing to happen to me this year. Maybe it can start a streak of good things, you know how everything happens in 3’s. Who knows, maybe I will find a better paying job. Maybe, just maybe, I can start writing again, because I find it’s the women in my life who are my muses. Lets see.

Did I mention she bruises easily? Not such a good thing. LOL. Or that she thinks I’m cute? A “stud” actually, is she insane? I like her even more. She also like the longhair and the goatee.

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