Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seattle: Part Two

What day was my last one? Oh yeah…I just explained Monday.

We went down to Pikes Place (where they toss the fish) and then down to the harbor where we took the ferry. A shit ton of fucking walking. $15 worth of parking passes. Freezing my ass off on the ferry. It was a good day.

Back down to Seattle. We went to EMP/Sci-Fi Museum. I totally had a nerdgasm at the Sci-Fi Museum…I took 91 pictures there alone. EMP was alright, I was more fascinated by the statue in the middle then any of the exhibits.

On the way back from downtown Steven texts me to tell me that I will have no job when I get back. The restaurant is closing for good. Cue me going to the bar near the hotel (where I was surrounded by gay people…not that there’s anything wrong with that) and then came back and damn near drank that entire 18 pack.

Lazy day, looked online to check out when the times were for SIFF…found out that the two movies I wanted to see had played on Wednesday. Cue more depression. Went to my Aunts house to take my Grannie to the mall. Cue straight boredom.

Drove all over the fucking place. Checked out Port Townsend and then drove down Highway 101 for fucking ever. I drove nearly 11 hours yesterday. Fuck did that suck. However, I did see some beautiful country.

Came back to the hotel and my cousin took me out drinking. Yesterday was a good day. Not to mention I think I flirted with Trouble the entire day. Twas fun.

Will be my Aunt’s birthday part. Tomorrow we leave for home…I have to be at the airport at 5am. FUCK. I’m also not looking forward to going home. What am I going home to?

P.S. I have determined that Washington is the ugliest state I’ve ever been in. For real. The state itself is beautiful. However, the women are not. *shudders* I’ve only seen a few I would be interested in and they were all downtown. Now, I can say that I fit in. Everywhere I go people typically stare at me. Not here. Here, I blend in.

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  1. What day was that? Friday? Yeah, we DID flirt the whole day! Great pics, though...