Monday, November 9, 2009

A Dream

I dreamt of you last night. We were laying in a bed, nude, but it wasn’t a sexual dream…far from it. The light was dim, just enough to see the features on your face without the blemishes. To see the real you, you without makeup. You were curling your fingers into my hair while I traced the contours of your body with a single finger. From the base of the ear to your knee. I don’t know if we were talking. I rarely, if ever, remember conversations in dreams. However, you were smiling. That smile that can melt my heart. The light was dim. I don’t even know where the light was coming from. A desk lamp? Maybe a bathroom light? The bed was comfy. I know that. The sheets billowed around you. You looked like you were laying in a cloud. Part of your hair fell into your face and I moved it away slowly. You laughed, placing a hand on your breasts. Your skin was so soft. When you laughed your eyes lit up. The little bit of light in the room made them sparkle. I wish the dream was real. I wish that happened.