Monday, November 30, 2009

UhOh I'm In Trouble

Shit! Job hunting is depressing. I think the most depressing part is trying to find something I will actually enjoy doing. There doesn’t look to be much out there. I’ve found a few more freelance writing gigs that I’m applying for and I applied to about five places today. It would likely be more were I not just looking for things that I might actually be interested in doing. It is depressing though.

So guess who missed going to the unemployment office today because he slept too late? Wait for it... Can you guess the reason why I slept too late? It kind of sucks that she’s all an early bird and shit…I never get to say something first. I wonder if it will continue to be like this. Her spoiling my fun of being able to discuss something before she does. I know, I’ll have to drug her and then write my blog before she regains consciousness. Oh right…

So I finally got a new phone yesterday and guess who the first person I both called and texted was…go ahead…guess. Yeah, it was Trouble.

I went to the movies with my parents yesterday and saw Ninja Assassin. Not bad, it had a mass amount of blood though, and the “healing your wounds” bit was a little much for me but whatever. So after the movie I went by and got the new phone. Then I went back to the rents house and took down the Christmas decorations for them out of the attic, ate dinner, and watched some stupid fucking SyFy movie called Hammer of the Gods that featured Zachery Ty Bryan (yes, from Home Improvement) as, get this, Thor, and Daz Crawford (he played Lighthammer in Blade II).

So after the parents house I headed over to a friends and called her on my way there. Now…I sat outside in front of my friends house for 2 hours on the phone with her. I spent enough time there to realize that “Metalocalypse” and “Venture Brothers” was a rerun before I headed back to my place. When I got home we talked on the phone from 12:48am to about 6:45am. We talked about a lot. We ended the conversation…right before she went to work and I went to sleep with some rather graphic…ummmm….hey look over there, something shiny. What? Oh right. So let me explain something to you really quick.

I hate talking on the fucking phone. Hate it. Hate it with a fucking passion. Its why I text so much. In fact, before talking to her on the phone yesterday, I’d only used 200 minutes of talking time in 2 years. Yesterday, I talked to her for a total of 433 minutes. Double what I’ve talked on the phone in two years put together. And yes, I actually just looked that up on my phone and did the math.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. I never once felt like I wanted to get off the phone or that the conversation was lagging. Did I even notice how long I’d been on the phone? No, I have no clock in my room and so I never even paid attention. Do I regret it? No. Part of me does though because I wish I had let her try and sleep.

What did I learn? That we have a lot more in common then even I originally thought. That we are kind of expressing the exact same feelings about one another at this point. That I can’t wait to meet her. That I am amazed at her personality, life, and intellect. And that she has an incredibly sexy voice…like sexy, sexy. Like make my ears drool sexy.

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