Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crushes & Serial Killers

What do I want to talk about?

Even though I hate the craptastic piece of shit that’s “Merlin,” I keep watching it. I don’t know why, the last episode they had Excalibur made by Merlin and a Dragon for Arthur to fight the Black Knight. However, Uther took the sword and slayed the knight himself whereby Merlin stole the sword back and threw it into the lake. *Head Desk* It’s so horrible.

Then I started watching some series from 1999 with Simon Pegg called “Spaced,” I think, which I was hoping would be really great but had me looking for something else about halfway through the first episode.

I’m running out of TV right now, the only thing I’m really watching is “True Blood,” which had a fucked up last episode. If I can’t watch TV what am I supposed to do? Read? Fuck…haven’t done that in awhile. Although I do have Mein Kampf at the top of the pile. Don’t ask. I’ve just heard so much about it I figured I would give it another read. The last time I read it was in junior high and I remember a teacher giving me a really horrible look.

ON a side note: so it looks like I’m back on the prowl again. I thought for a second there that I might have the start of something going. Not the case. I don’t know what was going on there. It was just a bunch of fucked up weirdness that eventually left me feeling…well…played. Yeah, I guess that would be the best word for it. Jesus Christ.

As a plus I do have a long distance crush. Hahaha. She lives at around a 29 hour drive from me. However from talking to her, well I guess more accurately writing to her, she sounds absolutely amazing. Like amazing, amazing, like too good to be true. Which probably means she is. Is it sad that one of the highlights of my day is talking to someone I have never met. Yeah, you don’t have to say it, its sad. Well, such is the life of a broke, miserable, person.

So…anything to lighten the mood? How about serial killers?

I love to research serial killers, I don’t know why, but I always have. Anyway, even though I have to do more research on them, this is just quick gasp wikipedia shit. I found some that I would love to tell you about. Say, for example, that you’ve heard of Garey Ridgway a.k.a. The Green River Killer, 48 victims to his credit.

Motherfucker does not hold a candle to Harold Shipman, a.k.a. Doctor Death who is known to have killed 218 people, mostly women, the youngest being 41 years old. Suck that Zodiac. But he looks paltry to Pedro Alonso López a.k.a. The Monster of the Andes.

The man, now 60, confessed to killing over 300 women. According to Wiki, “in 1980 when he led police to the graves of 53 of his victims in Ecuador, all girls between nine and twelve years old. In 1983 he was found guilty of murdering 110 young girls in Ecuador alone and confessed to a further 240 murders of missing girls in neighboring Peru and Colombia.” In 1983 the dude would have been 35. Wow. But check out his past, “According to López, his mother, a prostitute with 13 children, caught him fondling his younger sister in 1957, when he was eight years old, and evicted him from the family home. He was then picked up by a pedophile, taken to a deserted house and repeatedly sodomized. He was later taken in by an American family and enrolled in a school for orphans. He allegedly ran away, either with a teacher from his school, or because he was molested by a teacher. At 18, he was gang-raped in prison and, he claimed, killed three of the rapists while still incarcerated.” Wow again. However, The Monster of the Andes can't even come close to one Thug Behram.

“He may have murdered up to 931 victims by strangulation between 1790–1840 with the ceremonial cloth (or rumal, which in Hindi means handkerchief), used by his cult.” Holy hell? How the fuck does anyone manage to personally murder 931 people? How?

Yes, Hitler may have said "kill" and millions died. Jim Jones led to the deaths of over 900 people in the infamous Jonestown Massacre. But they didn’t personally do it. That shit is crazy! Note the picture...those are bodies. It's an aerial shot from Jonestown.

I guess I'm done. If you're interested snoop around my deviantart page and look for a story called The HitchHiker. It's my tale of a serial killer.

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