Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm actually in a good mood despite the fact that I have $1 in the bank after getting paid yesterday, I have less then a half a tank of gas, and only a quarter pack of cigarettes to last me the rest of the week. I should be wanting to kill myself. Anyway, last week I had a really horrible day, terrible. It was last Thursday and I have to work Thursday nights, well, the closers have not been doing what they are supposed to do so rather then get out in 15 minutes it took me almost an hour. I was pissed, I made a huge mess that I then had to clean up (because of the other closers) it was just a bad day. Then, as I get in my car to leave I check my facebook on my phone and see this as the first status update.
bored...missing Brian who's at work...blah... on a happy note~putting new music on iPod!
That was the x (yes from over a year ago) and it pissed me off even more. Why, well, that was the guy she is now engaged to...that was the ipod I bought her for fucking Valentines day.
Anyway, I'm over it. I've found someone that makes me happy. Even though I've never met her. Weird huh?

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  1. I worked as a line cook at night for years so I can feel your pain. Day cooks never know what the fuck their doing. As for internet happiness: who cares! As long as you're happy.