Friday, September 11, 2009


I should be working on a story right now, I told ashes if she gave me a story idea I would write it. Well, she gave me one, and while the story is floating around in my head I haven’t started actually writing it yet. Why? I don’t know but I’m going to go with a lack of sleep. I was up all night last night. First the Steelers game then absinthe with some friends. I think I went to bed around five this morning and then I had to be at work at eleven. I haven’t been sleeping well period, I keep having interrupted sleep. I don’t know why either, I usually sleep like a fucking log.

How about that Steelers game by the way, talk about a fucking piece of shit effort. How many times was Big Ben sacked? The interceptions? The retarded fumble? The penalties? Jesus, that game fucking sucked. Considering it was a team that won the Superbowl last year and another team that maintained the longest undefeated streak last season. What the fuck was that happy horse shit? Great way to start the pro season off right huh?

So today is obviously 9-11. I’ve seen some others have posted stories of what they were doing at the time. I was in college, then went to a friends house. I have nothing great to tell. I don’t even really recall feeling that many emotions. I did know a guy at school who was flipping out because his dad worked at the World Trade Center, but I found out later that his dad had actually called in sick that day. I don’t know why I actually thought about 9-11 today. The last couple of years it always slips my mind.

I’m supposed to be going to the bar tonight. It’s a friends birthday. I don’t feel like going though. I mean, I know I’m going to go, I just don’t want to. I have no money. I would rather just sit my ass at home and sulk.

True story. I’m feeling pretty depressed today.

I’m watching Disturbing Behavior. I haven’t watched it in awhile…it’s a fantastic piece of crap. I forgot the cast that was in this motherfucker. What’s even more impressive is that for an actual high school movie the cast is around a decent age. For example:

James Marsden ---25
Katie Holmes---20
Nick Stahl---19
Katharine Isabelle---17
Chad Donella (UV) ---20
Ethan Embry---20 playing Marsden’s older brother
A.J. Buckley (Chug)---20
and how about Julie Patzwald with her little role of the crazy girl?

Not to mention it has one of the best lines from any movie…ever…“We like our metal heavy, our Marlboro’s light.”

Guess I'm going to get off this now. I just felt like writing something.


  1. wait.

    you like kurt vonnegut?

  2. I'm having trouble sleeping too. Sucks. Ass. I'm beginning to think my job isn't the 7th circle of hell, but I'm actually in the mouth of the beast.