Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Top Ten Films of 2010

They may not be the "best" films of 2010. They may not have grossed the most amount of money. They may not have received the most critical praise. But I remember them. That's a key to me. To look at the list of all the movies I've seen from 2010 and go...I liked that movie. A hat trick to Valhalla Rising. It almost took over Easy A's slot. Like I said, the movie might not have been that great, but at least it was memorable. *Edit. You'll notice Easy A is gone too. That's because I watched 127 Hours.

My Top Ten Film Picks For 2010

1) Inception
2) How to Train Your Dragon
3) The Killer Inside Me
4) Remember Me
5) Perrier's Bounty
6) Shutter Island
7) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
8) 127 Hours
9) Black Swan
10)Blue Valentine

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