Monday, January 3, 2011

Fuck You 2010, Hello 2011.

How was New Years Eve? Well, my New Years Eve lasted three days.

On Friday I headed down to Atlanta to meet up with Steven and a few of his peeps. Got there around…5? I think. Anyway, we drank a little at the house before heading out to pick up some more people, and the first bar of the night.

Mass carpool to Trader Vic’s. It was my first time at this bar, and might I add…we were certainly out of our element. Expensive. For one. We were by far some of the youngest people in there. Also? We were certainly dressed…different. On the plus side I got hit on by two of their hula dancers. I guess that is a reason to be one of the young people there.

From Trader Vic’s it was a cab ride to Flatiron. Bonus for the cabbie? No one was paying attention to who was paying for the cab ride. So, everyone started throwing $20’s at him. $47 cab ride= $100 for the cabbie. Midnight hit here. Drinks were spilled, shots were consumed, and we were off to Gravity.

I…don’t remember Gravity. Like…any of it. The only part I remember is leaving. It appears Steven was trying to round everyone up so we could leave. However, as often happens, every time he left one group to get another…the first group would disperse. I remember standing outside, holding on to his roommates murse (which has a gun and combat dressings) and two of the drink bowls we confiscated from Trader Vic’s. His roommate was searching the parking lot for his car…which wasn’t even there. People were yelling. I was alone. So I did the only thing I could think of. I walked. Apparently it’s not far from Gravity to Stevens place…only a few miles…but I walked in new boots, with a gun, and a drink bowl, through East Atlanta. They arrived later to find me sitting on the steps. More drinks were consumed. Cue unconsciousness.

Saturday. We wake up and three of us, Mr. Brian L. Murray, Steven, and myself, hop in my car to go see if we left tabs open the night before. What turned into a simple mission, kept the party alive (Thank god it was cloudy on Saturday. I think the sun would have killed us.) . Lunch and drinks at Flatiron, then to The Earl for more drinks, then to Gravity for more drinks. Mr. Murray up there decided to DD, so we were off to “Sister Louisa's 'Church' of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium.” Yup, totally, that’s the name of the bar. It was just the 3 of us for awhile, drinking on $3-24oz PBR’s, checking out the artwork, playing in the Confessional, Steven trying to climb shit. We went and got food, then came back. Pretty much the entire crew from NYE came out again, and the debauchery began again. When everyone was nicely fucking drunk we headed to Corner Tavern for some karaoke. I think Skip wanted to sing (Skip, btw, is HOT…a tattooed pinup. Her boyfriend, has a most epic beard.). I don’t remember much of Corner Tavern. I think I had one drink, that I didn’t even finish. I also want to say that I kept hitting on a cougar (likely there with someone), and then an Asian girl. I’m sure my flirting was fantastic. House…unconscious.

Sunday it was sushi, chilling at the house, a little pre-game drinking, and then Southern Comfort, with Murray, Steven, and Ramona. It took me awhile, and a few shots, to get in the mood, but then we were flying. All systems go. Green lights. Back to the casa (which garnered me a new rear-view mirror adornment. A bra), stayed up till about 6, then left. Coreys (Steven’s roommate) dog, Lt. Dan, would not quit laying on me. A three legged, deaf, dog. Very loving. When I was sleeping on Steven’s floor he would spoon with me.

So I was home around 6:30am. Took my first shower in two days. Spent a little time checking up on the internet. Then passed the fuck out.

All in all I would have to say it was a fantastic way to start the New Year. I may be extremely broke (which is totally the truth), I may or may not still have a job (I find out in a week). I have little gas in my car. I have no clean clothes. But…I’m happy…really happy.

So Happy New Year motherfuckers. Keep your fingers crossed that this happiness becomes a trend.



    Not really to me but I'm glad you had a good time...