Friday, October 22, 2010


I’m still here. I’m still alive. I'm still...sleepy.

To be honest I’ve kind of devoted a lot of energy in my Tumblr account. To me it’s like the best part of blogging mixed with facebook. The ability to express yourself but without the limitations. In other words having the ability to post nudity, AND not choke up your friends news feed with post, after post, after post. Right now I’m only following a few blogs, and I only have a few followers, but I find that I almost feel like I can express myself better. The three that I pay attention to the most are fuckyeahtattoos, architectureblog, and bookshelfporn. I think the funniest part is how the architecture blog has actually sparked my interest in it…again. A long, long time ago…I used to love architecture. I would read books on it, look at pictures for hours, etc. Suddenly, that interest disappeared. I don’t remember why. But part of that is my combination love for modern design with antiques. I adore clean lines and large windows…but I cherish oak furniture and large leather chairs. Old school mixed with modern technology.

The other part of my energy is going towards the wonderful world of dating. I won’t get into that too much, but I will say that I am dating. I’m also not looking for a relationship. Which is where the conundrum kind of comes into play. Isn’t a relationship the purpose of dating? I suppose so, but right now I’m more so enjoying the company of women. Right now I’m pretty opposed to the idea of a relationship, but if the right girl comes along that knocks my fucking socks off? I think I would be open to the idea.

So tonight I have about three topic ideas bouncing around in my head.

1) Sex. Of course the idea of sex is always bouncing around in my head. In this case I was going to look at the different types of sex. In particular I had a desire to talk about rough sex. I’ve recently learned that my definition of rough sex varies wildly from other people. My rough sex involves a lot of bruising, and maybe even some scars. Does that make me fucked up? Shit, I don’t know. I don’t want a woman to piss or shit on me…I consider that fucked up. I know on a previous post (Wait, Am I Going To Be A Fuck Buddy) I included a picture of a girls chest after sex. I had a lot of people saying, “that poor girl,” or “that’s fucked up.” You have to know a few things. I would never do that without someone’s consent. If a lady tells me “Ow,” or “Stop,” I stop. I will no doubt test the waters, but if the reception comes back cold? I’m not going to do that. I’m not into BDSM, not really. I don’t have a desire to tie a woman up and hang clothespins from the lips of her vagina. I do like to choke though. When I say choke I don’t mean knock them unconscious. Its more I like to have my hand on their throat. Just remember though, the next time you say…”I like rough sex,” think about what that could really mean…as I grab the handcuffs, blindfold, and candle wax.

2) My perfect girl. I was asked tonight to describe my perfect woman. I apparently have this misconception that there is one person in this world who is right for me. The thought that my future wife is certainly guaranteed to live within 100 miles of me just boggles my mind. With an entire world out there how can a person fathom that the right person even lives in the same state as them? I came to the conclusion that most people settle. I think this is why the divorce rate is so high. Rather than wait for the perfect person to come along we give into this sociological demand that says we should be married. So, rather than wait, we marry the person who comes close to our ideal perfect person. So…my dream girl? She’s short, probably between 5’ and 5’6”. Athletic. Petite. I’ve never been a fan of large breasts, not really, a B or C cup is just fine for me. Dark hair (auburn, black, or brunette). Short hair. I want a woman who is a strong, independent thinker, yet who still maintains her femininity. I like a girl who wears dresses, who likes to put on heels, who wants to look good when she goes out. Yet I also want a woman who has no problem throwing on some jeans and getting caked in mud. Who would enjoy a hiking/camping trip just as much as going into the city for an extravagant dinner and catching the opera. A woman who loves to travel, who wants to experience new things, who is open to new ideas. A lady who during a rainy day will throw herself between two ideas: Playing in the rain, or curling up in a quilt and reading a book. Who likes beer. Watches sports. Reads. Who still wants to act like a child some times. Confident. Strong willed. Who likes to argue but doesn’t like to fight.

I’m not saying this is all I want…or that I expect the woman I actually find to meet all of these categories. But I want most of them to be in her. Do I expect the physical package to be spot on? No. Is that really so much to ask? Am I a fool for not settling? Is it normal for me to be prepared to go the rest of my life without finding her?

3) The definition of a man. Trouble really encouraged me to write about this one and I think it’s so she could yell at me. There was a post on Pajiba that I commented on. Basically I said I looked less at Ryan Reynolds as a man because he didn’t know how to change a flat tire. I was raised with the principle that a man is a rock. A foundation. Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. With calluses on their hands, dirt under their fingernails. A man is a protector, a gentleman. I was taught how to change a tire when I was really young…by my father. I argued that the reason men have lost “manly” characteristics is because those things are no longer being passed down by their fathers, like how to build a fire and grill a steak. I feel that…over time…the line between femininity and masculinity has been blurred. Is that a bad thing? I guess that would depend on who you ask. I think it is. Should a woman know how to change a tire? Yes. Should a guy stop and offer to do it for her? Yes.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I’m still open to suggestions for ideas. I write better when given a topic. So what do you want to hear DB’s thoughts on? Huh? You can make it simple or controversial. Something that will make women love me…or hate me. That can make men love me…or hate me. Give me something, or you’ll get more ramblings like this post.

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  1. Yeah, call ME out...

    The problem I had with your generalization of what a man SHOULD be was that it lacks evolution.

    Hmm...that doesn't make much sense. Let me explain:

    Women have had to evolve to take on more (seemingly) manly traits out of necessity. For example, I'm not married nor do I have a boyfriend. Therefore, I have to support myself in every way. Do I need a man to pay my bills or to change my tires? Nope. I can do that shit on my own. So why would I define a man as doing the things I can already do? I've evolved past that. I now need different things from a man. As such, I need the man who has evolved enough to provide me with other things. I'm not looking for someone who can COMPLETE me; he needs to COMPLIMENT me (excuse my use of idiotic rom-com language).

    As for sex, I can't even talk about it right now. I'm just starting to get back into the single swing of things. I daresay I'll have a few stories in a couple of weeks...