Saturday, February 27, 2010

#15 The Walking Dead: Book Four

NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Fuck. See, I knew this was going to happen. I knew once I read it I was going to get sucked in and then pissed off when I couldn’t read the next book. Also, this motherfucker, Book 4, is crazy. Crazy as in the sense that if I were a less normal person I would have ran around my bedroom jumping up and down, pulling my hair out, and doing the Darth Vader (via Revenge of the Sith) “No!” I kept my sanity enough to shout “What the fuck?” Calmly close the book, and walk away from it slowly.

Should you have decided to pick up the series I can’t really say much that wouldn’t ruin the entire book for you. I mean, I’ve given you some pretty good descriptions in the other ones of what happens but it would seriously be a travesty if I did that to you in this one. So prepare for this review to be a short one. Obviously, as you may have already suspected, The Governor goes after them. He attacks their little group, pretty much gets his ass kicked, then comes back for more. Back for more with a tank, a bunch of guys who can’t shoot for shit, an over inflated ego, and the ability to lie like no ones business combined with the demented mind of about six serial killers all wrapped into one.

Once again Michonne does her ninja shit. Rick does his I’m the leader but not really because everyone is starting to think I’m crazy shit. Carol does her I need someone shit. Did I mention I don’t like the “Soap Opera” aspects of the series? I suppose it is a necessary evil though. Anyway, there were cool parts, I guess I can say the baby being born was one. A wedding is another. New people hook up, old people drift apart. The usual, normal routine of…life. Maybe that makes sense now. Just writing that I’m beginning to understand why this story for Book 4 came about.

I suppose this book was to show you that it is possible for people to return to a state of normalcy in the course of a zombie apocalypse. To further imply this notion upon us, at one point in the book, the character Dale says he had gotten so used to everything being normal that he almost forgot the world was still a horror show. So sad to think that it is people that fuck everything up. I don’t think a single person dies via zombies in this one. So much death at the hands of other people. That’s the image in this one, we are the monsters.

Seriously. So many people die in this book. There are betrayals, cowards, and heroes. As such I now have a new favorite character. Andrea. Her picture is the one you’re looking at. She’s been cut with a knife by a crazed killer and shot. She is one tough lady…sexy too.

I also lost one of my favorites. But I won’t tell you how, because even I was sickened and shocked.

I really hope you get into this series. Then, like me, you can wait for the next book.

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