Thursday, February 3, 2011

CBIII: Book #3: The Girl Who Played With Fire

What can I say about The Girl Who Played With Fire? That Salander is all growed up! She’s even fucking teenagers! Wait…what? Yup. In the beginning of the book I believe the guy she’s sleeping with is 16.

So how does this book go about? Well, it begins by stating that Salander hasn’t been home in a year. She’s been traveling the world. She’s tan. She has breast implants. She’s taken out most of her piercings. She even got the Wasp tattoo removed from her neck. Also? She buys an apartment with 10 rooms and a great view, and sits around in the bath a lot. Basically, she’s become a whole new person.

The plot? It begins with Salander saving a woman’s life and effectively killing her husband. She’s also become obsessed with math…which doesn’t come into play until nearly the end of the book. Salander is framed for the murders of 3 people. One of which was working on a story for Millennium about the sex trade industry. When Salander becomes the primary suspect Blomkvist sets about trying to uncover the facts and prove her innocence. Along the way we discover a twist…that…well…that actually turns out to be kind of fucking boring, and bikers…there‘s bikers. We are given more of Salanders back-story, primarily her childhood and teen years. Including an incident in which she lived with an older man, who took care of her, in return she just had to walk around him naked. After learning that she’s actually trained as a boxer I saw her more as Noomi Rapace and less as Rooney Mara. Mainly because Rapace is rather muscular…even while being thin. Where was I?

Salander kind of disappears through the middle of the book and we are left following Blomkvist and the detectives in charge of the case. No one we are presented with is actually interesting. Except for Roland Niedermann. The Giant Monster. He’s German, 6’7”, 300+ lbs, muscles of a pro-wrestler, and impervious to pain. How can you NOT like that character? Seriously…Larsson should have just wrote the whole book about him. He doesn’t talk much (Bonus! He has a Mike Tyson voice! Did I mention he cuts people up with a chainsaw?!), but I could have easily read an entire book of people trying to beat him up, failing, and him kicking the shit out of them in return.

Like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Larsson still makes mistakes. He includes a whole bunch of new characters that don’t really matter much. However, with the cliffhanger ending we are given in The Girl Who Played With Fire I would assume some of these characters might play more prominent roles in the next book.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to eat my pizza and watch the movie.

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